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Madeline Zappala
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Madeline Zappala this album feels like a windy rainy day in winter Favorite track: every little kindness.
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written & recorded by marissa lorusso in various bedrooms in MA & DC.

thank you for listening.


released September 30, 2015




Keeper Washington, D.C.

sad songs you can feel good about.


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Track Name: teeth
you are a wolf, i am a fawn.
do you want me in your teeth?
i didn’t think it would go on this long but i don’t want anyone to save me.

you could have any dear or darling that you wanted so i wasn’t honest
because i didn’t know what to do.
i just like to pretend that there was a chase
because honey — i would run from you all day.

do you do you want me in your teeth?

i wasn’t alone and you weren’t afraid of what would happen if i got too close
so i’d dream of your breath, the way you made me weak
and what i would like to do most.

do you do you want me in your teeth?

i’m not scared of you but maybe i should have been.
you found me much too young and faithful.
i don’t know why i let you retreat, but we both were much too careful.
Track Name: every little kindness
my hands have scars.
on the road i wondered if they’d disappear
with nothing but highway
i wondered if i could leave any place untouched.

i lay awake on the floor with someone next to me
not shy, not weak but i’d never mention anything
and in the night everything is silent next to you
but i had pride — i was fragile then and you were fragile too
now i wear it like a scar, i think of you

every little kindness magnified a hundred times

and in my dreams i am wide awake in california
and we don’t sleep: we watch the sunrise come out from behind the stars
you don’t look at me, you look at the mountains out before us
i feel so young, i feel like nothing could ever stop us

you dont need to know the truth

i was following your lead like you were right there next to me,
but i am nothing but a sheep in wolf’s clothing
i am harmless oh i swear if you would just let me get near
if you would just let me repair the damage i have done
Track Name: goodbye to all that
"goodbye to all that."
i spent the winter on my side
i kept love waiting
bruising your heart but not my pride
in hidden places i was looking for answers
“southern hospitality” — I think I will recover.

you should have known that i wasn’t ready
but you are not the kind to weigh out your identity.

honest but incomplete. my life is a pattern.
you waited patiently, planting your atom.
but i’m just a “backup” for when you get sick of the heartache.
i am going north
i am leaving you in my wake.

you should have known that you weren’t ready.
tried to hold my hand that night while i was waiting for somebody.

just ugly enough to get caught in your sights
but you won’t be able to make me feel small
i don’t want to know what your dad said on the phone
i will fall asleep with no one by my side.

you should have known.
goodbye to all that.
Track Name: two trains
“two trains sitting side by side” :
your metaphor is relevant but wrong
and i — well i know i’ve done you bad
i didn’t want to fall back like i always do.

you’ve got a smile that i can’t shake
and i’ve got a truth i cannot hide
we sweat under lights, under alcohol
i wish i had bitten both our tongues

well i got what i wanted but i didn’t get under your skin

so cut me in half and affix me to your body
(and then when you’re done cover me up)
you’ll move away to the other side of the country;
i will recover and fall back.

you once had hands like a body of water:
come in, and recede, and turn to ice.
you said that i was “stuck in my ways”
but i wasn’t stuck:
i just wasn’t trying to play nice

i got what i wanted, and when i wanted to i took flight.